At the AWS Migration event, I would be talking about our findings and best practices on how to migrate workloads to AWS. To register, kindly visit –

Here are some of the topics that I would cover –

Migration Plan

  • Organising Projects, Create project hierarchy using AWS Organizations, Billing and Roles 
  • Setting up VPC and Linking VPC
  • Managed and Non managed Services –Database Migration / No-SQL (MongoDB) Migration
  • VM Migration – Standalone and Managed Instances
  • API Gateway / Endpoint
  • Jobs – Adhoc and Event Based
  • Hardening the Production setup – Security Groups, Cloud Trail, AWS Guard, Certificates, WAF etc
  • Logging  – Central Logging and Backups
  • Monitoring – Setting up alerts on server usages, api latency etc, creating custom dashboards
  • CI/CD Pipeline –  Continuous integration and deployment
  • Cost and Usages – Monitoring production costs and usages.

Here is the link to the presentation –

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