The Web Evolution – What is Web 1, Web 2 and Web 3 and Beyond

Web 1.0 was about providing data, where users were consuming the data. I still remember, my first interaction with Web was with a terminal, where we use to type URL and get text of the html page. The first commercial browser (Netscape Navigator) was released in 1994 which started making the web more consumable.

With, Web 2.0, it was about data and conversations, writing/sharing blogs and social interactions. Facebook, youtube, Instagram, whatsapp, google maps, ads, netflix, blog platform like wordpress all led the Web 2.0 revolution. All systems basically tried to capture a pie of your data and intent and used it drive engagements and revenue. AI was one of the dominant factor to drive personalizations and consciously or unconsciously AI systems tried to steer you towards their required goals. I have covered this as part of my article –Responsible and Ethical AI – Building Explainable models

Web 3.0 and beyond is about “My” data and engagement, where you get to own digital assets, decide how and with whom to share your data, how system use your data and move from conversation to real engagements. As we evolve to future versions of Web, hopefully we should focus on making web more open, trust based and transparent.  Technologies like Blockchain, Ethereum, NFT, AR/VR, Virtual Worlds .. are currently enabling first generation Web 3.0, but eventually we would need new scalable versions and new technology enablers to realize the vision.

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What is Metaverse Technology Stack

Technologies stack for Metaverse

The technology stack for building Metaverse is a combinatorial power of existing enabler technologies like Cloud, IoT, AI, Blockchain Ledger, Digital Twins, AR/VR (that need to be enhanced) and new assets, standards and tooling that needs to be developed for realizing the vision for Metaverse

Metaverse Technology in a nutshell

Distributed Cloud / Decentralised Cloud – Provides scalable backbone for Metaverse

Digital Assets / Digital Content Lifecycle – Provides repository for any digital asset/entity and lifecycle management.

Blockchain Ledger – Decentralized Public Ledger for any digital tokens

IoT Platform / Digital Twins – IoT Scalable Platform and Digital Twins for any entity

Immersive Platform AR/VR – Virtual Immersive platforms and representations for any entity and driving AR/VR at scale

AI /Intelligence Platform  – Various vertical focused AI agents in Metaverse providing intelligence for virtual entities 

Apps – Application leveraging the Metaverse Stack to provide hybrid solutions.

Checkout the youtube video for Metaverse Technical Architecture.

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What is metaverse and Metaverse Technology

In my view,

Metaverse is a vision which aims to provide a hybrid environment for the physical and digital world.

 What technologies make up Metaverse

Any new vision is usually an amalgamation of existing technology, trends and markets. The backbone technology for building Metaverse – Cloud, IoT, AI, Blockchain Ledger, Digital Twins, AR/VR, Virtual Enterprises/World, Digital Avatars.. (and many more enablers) all exist, but together it’s now wrapped and advanced under an umbrella coined “Metaverse”

How Metaverse claims to be different

  • A persistent virtual world representing digital twins of you and your environment.
  • Advancement in Hardware and Technology to make Metaverse more consumable and scalable. 
  • Integrated Ledger and Finance for managing identity, digital assets and currency.

What is Consumer’s Role in Metaverse

  • Understanding the behavioural aspects and sentiments for consumers would be critical to understand in a Metaverse world.
  • Are consumers happy with buying digital virtual outfits (using NFT) for their virtual avatars or consumer’s looking at Metaverse as a virtual experience store and get assets physically delivered, like using a virtual fashion store and trying outfits using his/her persona. Understanding this distinction is important. 
  • In my view, the latter seems a reasonable (with or without Metaverse) first step.

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