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Navveen Balani is Google Cloud Certified Fellow, having 21+ years of experience in building enterprise products using exponential technology, specialising in Cloud, AI, Blockchain, IoT.

I am currently focused on delivering innovations and new products/offerings for a greener, healthier, and sustainable environment. I have a passion for creating innovative products using exponential technologies, technical leadership, mentoring and building out high quality teams from grounds up.

I have been involved in multiple startups right from its inception (Webify – acquired by IBM, Bridgeweave – Fintech and Wealth Investments) and co-founded one -“Cittin Data Labs”, a startup building cognitive products for retail industry using AI, deep learning and computer vision.

I also run a open community upskill initiative via and ,to provide freely accessible, quality and advanced content on wide variety of technologies on Multi-cloud, IoT, AI, Blockchain and other exponential technologies.

Prior to my current role, I was responsible for setting up the Watson and IoT mission in India and getting the team ramped up on cognitive technologies and enabling partners and customers across the globe on Watson technology. I led the content strategy for Watson Ecosystem and developed the content analysis framework for evaluating partner unstructured content.

I am a hands-on technology expert,  having skills in AI/Cognitive computing, Deep Learning, Natural language processing, Machine learning, MultCloud (Google Cloud, AWS, Azure), Big data technologies, Internet of Things, large scale enterprise architecture and deployment, product architecture and development, services engagements, client-server architecture and modernising legacy applications.

My technology for good initiative journey , started with one of my projects (2016 time frame) around citizen science, where we applied computer vision using deep learning and convolutional neural network (you can checkout my the project at Internet of Birds was nominated as Best Mobile Innovation for Education category in Global Mobile Awards 2018.

In my spare time, I like to research on upcoming technologies and like to share my knowledge and experiences with the community through blogs, articles, books, video lectures and other various forums.

I started my digital journey in 2000 and very grateful to my readers for their comments and feedbacks over the years. Over the years, I received multiple recognitions for blogging and sharing my knowledge with the community. I am a Master Author with IBM developerWorks, the first in the world to receive highest level of recognition for contribution to developerWorks open community, having written over 50 plus publications on various topics. My articles on Spring Series were rated as the top article in the last 10 years for developerWorks web architecture zone. My publications have been cited in various research papers and implemented in various customer solutions. I am a DZONE Most Valuable blogger and I even write for Intel IoT zone and other publications.  I got recognized as a Google Cloud Certified Fellow in 2020 (The Google Cloud Certified Fellow Program is for elite cloud architects and technical leaders who are experts in designing enterprise solutions –

I have authored the first book on Google Cloud Anthos, Enterprise IoT, Enterprise BlockchainReal AI , Production Ready Microservices on Google Cloud, Cognitive IoT, co-authored book on Spring framework, the first book on Apache CXF and multiple IBM Redbooks on WebSphere Business Services Fabric and BPM 6.2 Product deployments. Enterprise IoT book was awarded one of top computing book in 2016 by . Production Ready Microservices on Google Cloud book was awarded one of top books under Kubernetes and Microservices category.

I am also a Udemy instructor and like to share my knowledge and experiences with the wider community. All my courses have been made available for free to help the community, upskill with the latest and greatest technology.

Building Blockchain Apps using Ethereum & Hyperledger Fabric (Launch year – Jan 2018) –
Google Cloud Anthos 101 (launch Year –  Aug 2021)  –
Technology Bytes – Get Future Ready  (launch Year – Aug 2021) –

This web site provides my views, future vision and posts on Technology.

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