Google Cloud provides a host of services and capability to build scalable and secure web and microservices architecture.

Following architecture can be used for deploying web and microservices in production on Google cloud.

Scalable Web Architecture using Google Cloud

Scalable Microservices Architecture using Google Cloud

The following table describe the usage of key google cloud components

Google Cloud ServicesUsage
VPCCustom VPC, Firewall rules for the project
Cloud ArmorLogs all incoming request . Provides DDoS and web attack protection. Policy is configured to direct web and api request to respective KBE (Ingress) Load Balancers
Load BalancerGlobal Load Balancer (Ingress), directs request to specified KBE Cluster
KBE ClusterPrivate Kubernetes Cluster
Cloud NATLogs all outbound connections and control outbound/internet connectivity for your application
API Management, Logging, Monitoring and
Authentication for APIs. Endpoints are deployed as sidecars in each Pod.
CloudSQLManaged SQL Database
Google Cloud SQL ProxyProvides secure access to your Cloud SQL. Deployed as a sidecar in each Pod which requires connectivity to
Cloud SQL
BigTableNo-SQL storage for storing application and behaviour analytics
BigQueryQuerying BigTable and structured data from
CloudSQL to derive user/behaviour analytics
Logging, storing, analysing and monitoring of Logs for
all cloud services
Storing and accessing Logs (archival etc)
Registry for application/docker images

For more details on how to setup a production topology using Google Cloud, kindly refer to this tutorial.

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