navin-balaniThe WebSphere Technical conference (WTC 2010) was conducted in Bangalore, India last week. As usual, I gave presentations on BPM track. This time my presentation was about “Driving Business Agility using BPM”. I build upon a use case as part of presentation and showed how to enable agility using various agility enablers incrementally. One of the key concepts highlighted was that some of agility enablers needs to be incorporated at design time , while some of agility enablers can be introduced at run time , so one needs to know about the various agility enablers in IBM BPM suite. I talked about the six agility enablers – policy based assembly , service selection, rules , events , services selection and analysts and when through each of these in detail using a use case scenario.

Keeping the agility enablers in mind , is the key for making processes agile which can respond to business changes with very low latency.

For more details on WTC-2010, you can view the following WTC blog – Driving Business Agility using BPM

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