IBM recently announced that it would be joining the OpenJDK effort with Oracle. As per the press release
“Specifically, the companies will collaborate in the OpenJDK community to develop the leading open source Java environment.”

This is good for the community as well as both of these organizations to collaborate and innovate on a Open Java platform and enhance the considerable amount of investments that has been spent in Java since the inception.
IBM was also supporting the development of Apache Harmony project (Apache-licensed Java SE implementation) and it seems they will shift it focus now on Open JDK.

Now what happens to Google Andriod, which uses Apache Harmony library and lawsuit filed by Oracle.In my view, an ideal world strategy would be open up the Java collaboration so all organizations can collaborate.Sun built Java , but other organizations actually benefited and made profits from building Java products and applications. Java was successful as organizations embraced it and built applications and products on it. Google also innovated with Java and built out very leading useful applications for web, mobiles , cloud and enterprise.I don’t understand the legal aspects of it,but innovation doesn’t need to have a barrier.

I would like to hear your views and opinion on this, please post your comments.

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