This includes definitions, random quotes and answers.

  • Internet of Things – “Internet of Things is a vision where every object in the world has the potential to connect to the Internet and provide their data so as to derive actionable insights on its own or through other connected objects”
  • Who wins the race between Man and Machine – “If Machine could dream, it wins. Else machine would alway assist Human in getting things done“. I don’t think ever machine could dream 🙂
  • Would jobs be lost to Machines due to Automation  and AI –   Machines and AI system would always assist Humans to get work done. I assume when computers were invented and computing kicked in, there were similar fears of job getting lost, but it made things easier. The key here is adaptability, we need to adapt to new ways of doing things. I am not a fan of the prediction which says – ” X jobs would go by 202x” and I envision there would be even more jobs as we would have different problems to solve due to everything being connected and digitized. Service organization might also use the opportunity to reduce employee strengths in name of automation and AI.
  • Whats next of computing – Smarter technology by utilizing the vast and untapped amount of data.
  • 3 Top Technology Trends – IoT, Smart Systems (AI, ML, Digital ..etc), VR
  • Dynamic BPM – Adapting the same business process dynamically based on various conditions and constraints. Dynamic BPM needs a proper design to get the dynamic capabilities right.

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