I am happy to share, our third definitive handbook series book – Real Artificial Intelligence is available for pre order on Amazon.

Our aim in this book is to provide a real view of AI, where it exists today and what we can achieve in future.

Through this book, we plan to answer the following questions in a vendor neutral way –

• If we have all the data, can AI help to build any possible solution?

• Can AI platforms developed for solving quiz, solve cancer problems?

• Does an AI platform learn on its own?

• Can we build Enterprise AI solutions by just using AI, ML and Cognitive services from cloud vendor?

• Is today’s generation of chatbots a glorified version of if–then-else-entity based rules?

• Does a true Investment AI assistant exist today?

• Is general intelligence a reality or myth?

• Is there a recipe to build a successful AI project?

• Will AI ever take away jobs ?

The Real AI book is part of our “The Definitive handbook” series. Our vision in the – “The Definitive handbook” series is to
enable our readers to understand the technology in simple terms and provide a practical go-to reference
and a recipe for building any real-world application using the latest technology.

Real AI would be a series of book. Volume 1 of Real AI, planned to be released in August 2018, would focus on applying AI for computer vision technology using a real-world use case.

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The author Navveen