To get started with Spring framework quickly, checkout this Spring Series tutorial . The series would be shortly updated with latest Spring version.

In my view, the following books are best resources to get started on Spring. This includes my book on Spring 🙂

Beginning Spring framework provides readers to get started with Spring framework quickly. In this book we don’t assume the user is aware of any J2EE Concepts and try to cover Spring 2 using a tutorial format.

Spring Recipes is a excellent book providing a problem solving approach using Spring framework. However for a beginner, in my view the approach of using problem solution approach might be a bit too much as he may not be aware of what problem exists in J2EE stack and how Spring overcomes these approach. If a user is aware of J2EE concepts and have some Java and J2EE experiences, than Spring Recipes is his best bet to get working on Spring. Also watch out for the Spring Recipes book update , which might hit Amazon soon.

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