Simplest way to get started with IBM IOT foundation is to use your mobile phone as a connected device with IBM IOT foundation platform.

To get started, download the source code for Iphone or Android application from GitHub. You can use XCode to build iphone application or Android studio for Android application.For Android application, simply import the project in Android studio, build and create an APK file and copy it over to your phone or use the emulator to test out the connectivity to IOT platform.

1. IoT Starter for iOS –
2. IoT Starter for Android –

When you launch the application, at the login screen you would be presnted with the following information:

  • IoT Organization ID
  • Device ID
  • Device authorization token

Enter the value and your device would be connected to the IOT foundation. Send text messages and it should be received in IOT dashboard.

I got lot of emails about how to setup this up, so I decided to update this tutorial with a youtube video. Here is the link to my latest youtube video –, which shows you how to run a sample Android application which connects to IOT foundation and send messages.

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