Smart Computing – IOT meets Cognitive Computing

A peep in the future of connected world –

1. I step out of my home and the home electricity turns into a power saver mode.
2. I step into the car and the car recognizes me.
3. My car seats are automatically adjusted.
4. My favorite music station is set and play list is started.
5. An aggregated news for the day is available and tailored for me on my dashboard and read it out by the dashboard device. If I am travelling, weather forecast and news related to the place I am travelling is available as an add-on.
6. As I pass by malls, my car reminds to purchase stuffs.
7. I sync my digital cart and get my purchases quickly. No need to move around, find things and put it to a physical cart.
8. I come back to my car, I start interacting with the Car in Natural human language instead of typing in numbers and searching for things.
9. I ask for good places for lunch which I haven’t visited. Based on my past experience’s and cuisine preference,ratings from third party sites, a set of recommendations are provided. I choose one of them.
10. GPS devices are synced up based on my response and direction’s changed.
11. Alternative route is automatically selected based on traffic sensor’s which the GPS device is subscribed to.
12. I have lunch, I don’t need to carry cards, I am being recognized. The best credit card (after checking available offers for that restaurant) from my digital wallet is automatically selected and used for the payment. Welcome to smart cashless transactions.
13. I come back home, lights are back up again, all devices started.
14. I say “good night”, lights are dimmed and tell my clock to wake me up at 7:00 am after checking my flight status.

These are just one of the many experiences. The real experiences would be technology touching our every day lives and making it easier and a better place to live.

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The author Navveen