I am in US these days and relying on the GPS device to find my way out in US. So far so good, as my assumption was as long as you have a GPS device, you wouldn’t get lost. Well how about GPS device not acquiring satellite signals when you are in mid-way returning back to home, well luckily for me the GPS satellite signal gave up at a street,  where I knew how to get back.

My GPS device was acquiring satellite signals and giving up frequently from last 2 days and finally found out the firmware of the device need to be updated after searching through various blogs which reported the same problem. I am using GARMIN nuVi GPS. I am not impressed by there piece of hardware, which doesn’t tells me what the real problem is , fails to acquire signals frequently and even a message to upgrade the firmware would be good to get around this issues. I know need to have a backup plan, get and understand map and directions as I don’t went to be lost in the GPS world :).

– – I envision an intelligent car in future which tracks my driving and head me back when I get lost –

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The author Navveen