I am happy to share the launch of learning modules –, providing free, industry-ready quality courses on various exponential technologies

The current course list includes – 

  1. Getting Started with Cloud Computing
  2. Getting Started with Google Cloud – Fundamentals
  3. Getting Started with Google Cloud – Advanced Course – Kubernetes , Serverless, API Gateway and Security
  4. Google Cloud Production Lab – Architecture and End-2-End Deployment
  5. Google Cloud Anthos – Introduction, Architecture and Deployment
  6. Google Cloud Anthos – Advanced Labs
  7. Multi-Cloud Development and Cloud Development Lifecycle
  8. Google Vertex AI – How to build end to end Retail AI classification system
  9. Cloud Migration – Migration from any cloud to AWS
  10. AI Chatbots and Limitations
  11. Bitcoin, Blockchain and Enterprise Blockchain Architecture
  12. Web 3.0 and NFT – Basic Introduction
  13. Metaverse and Metaverse Technical Architecture
  14. Internet of Things – Basic Concepts and Architecture
  15. Introduction to Ethereum Platform and Consensus Algorithm
  16. Application Of IoT In Manufacturing

Happy Learning !!

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