Technologies stack for Metaverse

The technology stack for building Metaverse is a combinatorial power of existing enabler technologies like Cloud, IoT, AI, Blockchain Ledger, Digital Twins, AR/VR (that need to be enhanced) and new assets, standards and tooling that needs to be developed for realizing the vision for Metaverse

Metaverse Technology in a nutshell

Distributed Cloud / Decentralised Cloud – Provides scalable backbone for Metaverse

Digital Assets / Digital Content Lifecycle – Provides repository for any digital asset/entity and lifecycle management.

Blockchain Ledger – Decentralized Public Ledger for any digital tokens

IoT Platform / Digital Twins – IoT Scalable Platform and Digital Twins for any entity

Immersive Platform AR/VR – Virtual Immersive platforms and representations for any entity and driving AR/VR at scale

AI /Intelligence Platform  – Various vertical focused AI agents in Metaverse providing intelligence for virtual entities 

Apps – Application leveraging the Metaverse Stack to provide hybrid solutions.

Checkout the youtube video for Metaverse Technical Architecture.


The author Navveen