While AI means artificial intelligence, we need real implementation rather than marketing intelligence”.

Every one is talking about AI, implementing AI, but where are the tangible results? Barring few players, rest every other news is marketing and the real value of AI is yet to be delivered. There is a clear mismatch between what we can achieve today and what lays ahead in future.

real-aiOur aim in this book is to provide a real view of AI, where it exists today and what we can achieve in future. Through this book, we plan to answer these following questions in a vendor neutral way –

  • If we have all the data, can AI help to build any possible solution?
  • Can AI platform developed for solving quiz, solve cancer problems?
  • Does an AI platform learn on its own?
  • Can we build Enterprise AI solutions by just using AI, ML and Cognitive services from cloud vendors?
  • Is today’s generation of chatbots a glorified version of if–then-else-entity based rules?
  • Does a true Investment AI assistant exist today?
  • Is general intelligence a reality or myth?
  • Is there a recipe to build a successful AI project?


The Real AI book is part of our “The Definitive handbook” series. Our vision in the – “The Definitive handbook” series is to enable our readers to understand the technology in simple terms and provide a go-to reference and a recipe for building any real-world application using the latest technology. The book is planned to be released early next year. If you like to provide topic and suggestions for the book, kindly write to me at

This is our third – “Definitive handbook” series work, the first being – “Enterprise IoT” which got acknowledged as one of the Top Computing book for 2016 by ( and the latest being – “Enterprise Blockchain“.


The author Navveen