I was reading an article that very soon Twitter would launch its official link shortening service for all users. The URL would be something like Instead of a cryptic url , you should be able to create a human readable url (limit is around 20 characters) containing your original link and meta keywords.This is great as a user would know which site he is heading. This should avoid possible Spams and make the links more readable. For search engines, it means searching the information based on the meta-key works in the URLs, similar to tagging a tweet with a meta-keyword, which lets the search be more efficient.

Other feature, I guess that the Twitter official link shortening service would provide is the monitoring of tweets and links (number of visits, ranks) and very soon you might find analytics (similar to google analytics) on your tweets. This can probably leads to marketing and other revenue generation options for your tweets in future 🙂

In my view this would definitely impact the various tweet shortening services like, as I feel users would prefer Twitter official link shortening service and host of other services (basically analytics) that they might offer later. The possibilities are endless. I guess existing services should probably look at how effectively they could automatically create the meta information from your posts and create meaningful urls, or convert your existing tweets urls with relevant ones.

Currently the Twitter official link shortening service feature is enabled, through a handful of twitter accounts (like @TwitterAPI) to test out this functionality , but ultimately it would be rolled out to all.

This would mean new plug-in for wordpress, joomla, drupal and other CMS when the new twitter URL shortening service is available. Stay tuned .

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The author Navveen