I recently ordered the Kindle Wireless Reading Device
device (with its new revised pricing), I was surprised to find kindle ships free to my country. I like reading a lot and have been evaluating ebook readers for some time.

For those like me ­čÖé , who likes to get behind the technology driving this amazing e-reader device, the technology behind amazon kindle (and most other e-readers) is e-link. So when every you hear about e-link products, you know its about an e-reader device. The e-link technology focuses on creating lightweight, flexible display with ultra low power.

The new Amazon 2 kindle device provides an ability to play MP3 files, so I could listen to podcasts and talks. The Amazon kindle also provides a PDF document conversion utility which would really help to get my pdf e-books on kindle.

Before buying kindle 2 devices, I did my research and downloaded Kindle for PC where I can try out my various pdfs, e-books, and documents, to get a feel of reading the books on a kindle. I really liked the notes and bookmark features that I could associate with my pages. I would suggest you download the Kindle for PC, just to get the feel of the actual viewing experience and the features.

Usually while traveling, I like to catch up on my presentations, so an ability to view power point presentations would be really nice in a kindle. However, I couldn’t find a good conversion utility to convert the presentations into kindle format. Well I converted my PPT in PDF format and then viewed it in Kindle for PC application, and the images came fine.

I was also looking at IPad , I really liked the IPad functionality as it consumes most of the media types along with providing a e-reading viewing experience. I went with Kindle as I was looking out specifically for a nice e-reader device. You can also install the free kindle for IPad software on IPad and evaluate it. Happy reading !!

With everything going digital in future, the future of kindle holds good.

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