The fourth edition of my book – Enterprise IoT : A Definitive handbook is out. This is the most comprehensive book on understanding IoT and how to implement IoT applications using IoT cloud offerings from Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, GE Predix and open source software.

Thank you readers for your comments and  your valuable feedback. The first edition was released in October 2015. The biggest challenge in any technology book is to keep it relevant and updated with the latest updates. I opted for self publishing this book and being a publisher for this book, I could handle the distribution to ensure timely updates are available to my readers. If have bought the  digital copy (through Amazon kindle), all updates to the book is delivered free. Make sure you sync your copy of the book. Please note Amazon Kindle might not push the updates automatically based on your settings and you need to manually sync to get the latest updates.

If you are new to Internet of Things or even an expert in the field of Internet of Things, you would find the book a valuable resource on how to build Internet of Things. Over to my book –

“Internet of Things is a vision where every object in the world has the potential to connect to the Internet and provide their data so as to derive actionable insights on its own or through other connected objects” 

 The book covers the following topic –
* A detailed overview of key components of Internet of Things and most comprehensive view of an Enterprise IoT stack.
* How to apply IoT in context of real world applications by covering detailed use cases on manufacturing, automotive and home automation.
* Understand the technical strategy and how to implement IoT applications using Microsoft Azure and IoT Suite, IBM Internet of Things Foundation and BlueMix, Amazon IoT and AWS services, GE Predix Industrial IoT cloud platform and various open source technologies like Apache Kakfa, Apache Spark and map it to our Enterprise IoT Stack.
* Includes a bonus chapter on Cognitive IoT, Cognitive IoT architecture and Blockchain

The 4th edition of the book is also re-edited to take care of user’s feedback. You can buy the book from Amazon.
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