“IoT is the senses,data is the fuel, and artificial Intelligence is the brain to realize the future of a smart connected world.”

Here is a short view on “BigData and IoT”

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IoT is about devices, data and connectivity. The real value of Internet of Things is about creating smarter products, delivering intelligent insights and providing new business outcomes. As millions of devices get connected, internet of things will trigger a massive inflow of big data. The key challenge is visualising and uncovering insights from various types of data (structured, unstructured, images, contextual, dark data, real-time) and in context of your applications.   I believe deriving intelligence from big data using artificial Intelligence technologies is the key enabler for smarter devices and a  connected world.

The end goal is to harness the data coming from sensors and other contextual information to discover patterns and correlations in real-time to positively impact businesses. Existing big data technologies need to be augmented to effectively store, manage and extract value from continuous streams of sensor data. For instance, it is estimated that connected cars will send 25 gigabytes of data to the cloud every hour. The biggest challenge will be to make sense of this data, identifying data that can be consumed and quickly acted upon to derive actionable events.

The use of Artificial intelligence technologies like deep learning will be a key differentiator to derive insights rapidly from massive streams of data. With IoT, big data analytics would also move at the edge for real-time decision making, for instance detecting crop patterns in agriculture plants using drones at remote places,  detecting suspicious activities at ATMs or predicting driver behavior for a connected car.

To sum it up, IoT is the senses, data is the fuel, and artificial Intelligence is the brain to realize the future of a smart connected world.

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